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ICCA Head Office  | The Netherlands
Marco van Itterzon, Director Research
Phone +31 20 398 1914 Email ICCA Head Office

ICCA Europe Office  | The Netherlands
Tamara Bernstein, Regional Manager (Europe)
Phone +31 20 398 1968 Email ICCA Europe Office

ICCA Africa Office | South Africa
Esmaré Steinhofel, Regional Director Africa
Phone +27 84 056 5544 Email ICCA Africa Office

ICCA Global Research Centre | Asia Pacific Office
Noor Ahmad Hamid, Regional Director Asia Pacific
Phone +60 3 7955 3343 Email ICCA Asia Pacific Office

ICCA Middle East Office | United Arab Emirates
Anju Gomes, Regional Director Middle East
Phone +971 50 2007853 Email ICCA Middle East Office

ICCA Latin America and Caribbean Office
Santiago González, Regional Director Latin America and Caribbean 
Phone +598 2 9011807 Email ICCA Latin America Office

ICCA North America Office
Joanne H. Joham, Regional Director North America
Phone +1 732 8516603 Email ICCA North America Office

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